Roma 3-1 Roma: 3 goals in first half, two from Luca Mazzaro, two goals from Mario Mandzukic

Roma 3 – 1 Roma: Marco Mazzarri’s first goal of the season was his third goal in five matches.

Mario Mandza’s second set Roma back in the win column, scoring twice as Roma secured their first clean sheet of the campaign.

Mazzaro’s first had Roma on top before the break as he cut inside from the left, threaded his way through a Roma defence that had conceded the third goal of their opening five matches and beat goalkeeper Mandzuka in the area.

Mamba’s second was a perfect finish from the edge of the area, the striker cutting inside and cutting inside, his right foot finding the back of the net.

The result put Roma back on top of the Serie A table with two matches remaining. 

“I’m delighted,” said Roma coach Luciano Spalletti.

“The players deserve it and they are playing well.

We have played well and the result was good.”

Roma have now won five consecutive matches, the first time that has happened in the last 16 years.

Roma are unbeaten in their last seven Serie A games, and have won five of their last six games. 

The result means that Roma now have two wins in their first six games this season. 

This is the first game of the new season, and Roma are in their third game in five days against Sampdoria on Wednesday. 

Roma’s next game is at home against Juventus on Saturday. 

Mazzarrie’s goal was his fourth in the first half. 

Giorgio Chiellini and Mandzukić were both on target for Roma, with Mandzakic’s third the equaliser after Mandzamaic played a long ball down the left side. 

Sampdoria’s goal came after a corner kick from Mandzuku’s corner was cleared by Mandza. 

Mandzuka’s second goal of Roma’s first five matches was a curling effort from inside the box, with the ball being saved by goalkeeper Mandza, who was making his debut for the club in his second season.

SampDoria’s other goal of this season came in the third minute, when Mandzuke’s shot from 25 yards was saved by Mandzaru. 

Nathan Ake’s shot was blocked by Mandzo, who had to turn to see the ball bounce out of his goal. 

Jhon Mucic’s shot just missed the far post. 

Dani Carvajal and Mario Mandzuic each came on for Roma after Mandza was forced off.

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