‘Ticketless’ has its day at the box office – ITV news

RTE 6 July 2017 11:35:54A record-breaking second weekend gross of £30.6m helped boost ticket sales to a record £11.7bn, including a record $2.9bn for the first week of release.

In its first three weeks of release, the film grossed $1.2bn, the second highest in history behind Titanic ($2.3bn).

However, a record-high £3.2m in three days was a record low, and £3m on Friday was a new low.

The film’s biggest-grossing weekend so far came with a £1.3m opening in the UK, and the first three weekends of sales for the film have already set records across all countries.RTE 6July 2017 11.35:58On Saturday, the ticket-selling thriller “Ticketlessness” took in £639,000 in its opening weekend in the US, beating the previous best of £532,000 by a significant margin.

In the UK the film earned $1,500 for a total of £3,634,000, while in Ireland it was a modest £1,077 for a paltry £1m.

In total, it made $2,569.5 million in total revenue, an all-time high for the Irish box office.

In Ireland, the gross was $1 million for a domestic total of $1 billion, a new record.

In Germany, the box-office success was a $2 billion record, while the UK gross was a piddling $1m for a UK total of just $948m.UK audiences also gave the film its biggest opening weekend ever, with £1 million grossing £2.6 million, making it the biggest opening day for a major Hollywood film in the world.

It was also the biggest in history for a film in Europe, with audiences in the European Union (EU) giving the film a total box office revenue of $9.9 million.

In Spain, the movie grossed a whopping €1.9m, bringing its domestic total to €2.2 billion.

The box office receipts are just one part of the story for the global film industry, with the film also enjoying a significant boost from its US, Canada and Australian home markets.

The record-breaker gross was helped by a record number of US and Canadian ticket sales for “Tootled” that surpassed previous records.

This meant the film could easily top the $2bn-plus mark in the first weekend of its release in the United States.

In Canada, “Tooting” also opened the door for the industry’s largest-ever film opening, taking in $2 million in its first week.

“Tootletime” will be played in 1,938 theaters across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Italy and Australia.

It will also be shown in over 50 countries, including Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In Australia, the opening weekend gross for the US release was $3.5m, which was a big improvement on last year’s gross of $2m.

The UK grossed another $1M, and is now the biggest grosser for a US film in history.

In China, the international box office saw the first two weekends of the film sell out in record time, with an estimated $1bn in ticket sales.

In Brazil, the record-setter weekend grossed over $3m, while “Tootsie” had a big opening in Australia.

In France, “Hands off Yours” had an opening of $3 million.

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