How to Use nginx to run a PHP script without a PHP server

An article about using nginx as a PHP web server without having to know how to install PHP, install the PHP dependencies, or install a web server.

If you’re new to nginx, this article should give you a feel for what’s possible with nginx and PHP.

You can use the following commands in the nginx command prompt to run the script.

The first command is a simple command that will set up the server and the second is a command that downloads the files.

 The first command installs the PHP module.

 You can then use the nget command to fetch the files into the server.

To test that everything is working properly, type:  nginx -v  and the output should show the output for the following command: nginx: server running on localhost:5000 nginx: listening on 127.0.0:5000 port 5000 The nginx output will show that nginx is listening on port 5000, which is the default port.

You may also type: ngxget -V  to get more information about the status of your installation.

If everything’s working, you should be able to type: nginx -l  in your command prompt and you should see the output of the following: ginx: server available on local host:5000.nginx-available-on-local-host:localhost:5000:localhost ngx-available on localhost localhost ngxs-available: local-port 5000 local host ngs-available://127.0

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