Google has found a bug in its search results for “pizza”, which could result in users being redirected to a 404 page

, CBC News (Canada) title Google to ‘correct’ search results of ‘pizza’ article CBC News / CBC News app, Google is rolling out a new bug fix for Google Search, which could prevent users from getting to the site of the pizza they’re looking for.

The bug is currently being investigated by Google’s security team, but the company has already released an update to address the issue.

In an email to CBC News, a Google spokesperson confirmed that Google had identified a bug with the way the search algorithm is supposed to interpret the word “pizzeria” in Google’s search results, and that Google is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.

Users will be redirected to the correct page for the pizza search result, and will be prompted to re-enter the address or a new address to get to the search results page, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson didn’t say how long it would take to fix the bug.

“Google is committed to protecting our users’ privacy, and we’ve worked hard over the last year to improve our security practices,” the spokesperson wrote.

Google has been working to improve the search experience for the past few months, with the company working with a number of tech companies to help them better understand how search engines are being used, as well as to improve how it displays information.

“We have worked to improve both the speed and accuracy of our search results,” the company said in a blog post in March.

“These improvements will improve your experience of using Google and help us deliver more relevant results.”

It’s unclear what Google is doing to fix this issue, and it’s unclear if the bug is fixed by now, the spokeswoman added.

Google’s Search page now has a warning when it detects that the word pizza is not in the correct context.

It has also introduced a feature called “pixels” that allows users to search for a particular word, and to get an approximate size and shape of the word.

Google recently released a new algorithm that is designed to reduce the amount of data that Google and other search engines collect about its users.

Google said it plans to roll out a bug-fix update to its search engine to resolve this issue.

“Pixels are a way to show search results more clearly, so it’s possible that the issue may be fixed soon,” the spokesman said.

Google also said that it’s looking into ways to improve user privacy, including using cookies to track the search data of users.

“While we work on a fix for this issue in the search engine, we’ve also made some changes to improve privacy,” the statement read.

“For example, you can now choose to use a cookie that is sent to your browser on your first visit, and on subsequent visits.

You can also opt out of sending search results to third parties like Facebook and Google.

We’re also looking into the privacy settings of Chrome, and if you have questions about this, please let us know.”

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