What’s going on with the 404 Not Found?

TalkSport The 404 Not FOUND error can be seen in the output of the following command in your browser.

You may see it as an error message when you’re on the server.

To fix the error, restart the server, open the console and enter the following commands: sudo service nginx restart You will now see the error message as a 404 Not found.

To clear the 404 from the page, you can use the following terminal command: sudo nginx -u root sudo nngmap -p Not Found , You should now see a new 404 NotFound page in the console.

To check if the error was caused by a server error, you will need to look for the server error status code in the logs.

For example, to check the server status code, use the logcat command: logcat server-404-not-found The server status will show an error code of 503, indicating that the server is down.

You can check if this server error has occurred using the server command line.

sudo server-debug If you see a server status of 503 then the server has stopped responding to your request.

If the server continues to respond to your requests, it may have been due to a problem with the underlying server.

You will see the following log: server 0.0.0

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