This is the best way to handle 404s on your site

A few months ago, Bleacher was getting a lot of calls from users with 404s.

We tried our best to be proactive and provide the best possible solution for the requests.

Today, the 404 error has been replaced with a more elegant way to respond to the error.

First, we’ve added the following text into the title of a 404 page:

404 not found

We’re sorry, but the page does not exist.

The second text block is now added to the top of the page, with a title of

This is not a valid page.

This is a valid response.

If the page doesn’t exist, click the “Submit” button.

The next page will load and you can then see the error as it loads.

We’ve also updated the code to use an attribute, rather than the tag.

We also added a checkbox for the title to make sure that the error isn’t displayed by default, so users don’t get frustrated by the error message.

To make the code more intuitive, we have changed the code for the redirect to redirect the user to the next page.

We recommend you review the code and add your own tweaks if you want to implement this new style.

The new code works in all modern browsers and works on mobile devices too.

We hope you find the code useful and happy with it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.

We’re excited to bring you more information on Bleacher and how we use analytics, but we also encourage you to take advantage of the free trial offered on Bleachers website.

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