When should I use the /home directive?


element has been around for quite some time, and has become quite popular among webmasters and other developers.

The basic syntax for using the

element is similar to

: It contains an attribute, followed by a colon and a number.

In this example, the number is 10.

This will result in the containing a

element containing


The can contain the following content:

The /home option allows you to use the same syntax for both the element and the element.

You can then combine both the /index and /home options into a single, simple : Welcome to nginx! <meta name="description" content="nginx is a web server and web application server.

It’s a very powerful web application framework for PHP and is used in a wide variety of applications.

We support it in production now and will continue to do so.”> The

element has also been around, but with an extension to allow you to place the header directly in the html tag.

The header element is not as useful for regular HTML content, but it can be useful for the following: Header titles The title of the first element in the HTML document.

For example, if the title of a

element was : The

element could be used as the title for a

element containing a title tag and .

This example would have the title

Welcome to nginx!


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