Why a 4-year-old in Louisiana had to be rescued after being trapped in a water tank

Louisiana’s most famous water faucet may have been installed on a house on the Louisiana-Louisiana border, but a 4 and a half-year old boy who was trapped in the tank couldn’t get out of the hole.

[Associated Press] Louisiana’s largest river has reopened after a man in the Louisiana Delta was trapped by a 4.5-foot-deep sinkhole.

The sinkhole appeared on Tuesday morning in a rural area near Lapeer, Louisiana, about 30 miles north of New Orleans.

What is a sinkhole?

It’s a deep hole, and the only way out is to go deeper.

This is a big hole, #Louisiana, but it’s not a big enough hole to allow the boy to crawl out, according to the Associated Press.

He was found trapped inside the water tank on Tuesday afternoon and taken to a local hospital.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources said the boy was dehydrated and his parents were worried about him.

The child was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Louisiana, where he was declared brain dead, the AP reported.

Why does a 4 year old have to get rescued? It was not clear why a 4½-year to 5 year old boy was trapped inside a water pipe.

Authorities say he was not in a position to pull himself out.

But he wasn’t the only child in the area to get trapped.

#BREAKING: 4 yr old boy found trapped in sinkhole at #Lapeer River, 2 rescued from sinkhole near Lavey pic.twitter.co-4n7gZpY3w
The Associated Press reported that the water had been turned off to prevent the water from flowing into the home.

Lapeers rescuers have been working to keep the sinkhole from becoming a major issue for the area.

It was unclear how long the sinkholes had been there, but they were in the process of being repaired, the report said.

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