Why does the 404 Not Found page appear when I try to access an HTML page?

Wired article Wired: The 404 Not FOUND page appears when you try to visit an HTML document.

The site 404.net was originally created by David H. Smith, who used the service in 2007 as a way to test a new HTML/CSS framework, before turning it into a full-blown HTML/JavaScript library.

The project had several contributors, including Tim Hunt, who built a plugin for the popular JavaScript library, Jquery.

The 404.

Net library has since been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of websites.

You can find the source code for the 404.NET JavaScript library on GitHub.

A couple of years ago, Huggins started an effort to develop a JavaScript library for the HTTP server.

He initially had it written as a Jquery plugin, but as the project grew in popularity he decided to add support for it in HTML5.

The result is 404.js, a library for HTML/javascript that is built on top of the HTTP Server Object Imports library.


js is a library designed for HTML5, HTML5-capable browsers.

” The first version of 404.JS was released as a JavaScript plug-in in 2015, and was then included in the HTML5 standard in 2018.

It supports the same capabilities as the standard, but has the added benefit of being JavaScript, allowing it to work with all major browsers, including IE8.

var data = document.getElementsByTagName(‘data’)[0]; var document = document || []; //create the HTML document var dataElement = document.$eval(‘.main’); //parse the data var data = {}; document.querySelector(‘head’, ‘div’).appendChild(dataElement); document.head.appendChild(“

<!– The title of the page.

This should be a valid HTML document title.

The HTML will contain all the HTML elements that are shown when you navigate to the page (e, h, a, span, …).

–> 404 <!– <!– The link to the document.

This will be the anchor tag on the page, and will contain the HTML for the document as a whole.

This is the most common HTML element used to link to other pages.

–> Index <!– Link to Content <!–

<!– The body of the HTML page.


404 Error

The error is an HTML error object.

If the object is null, the request fails.

If no error object is found, the server returns the request failed, and the user is redirected to the server error page.

” The error can be accessed using a

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