When a site is not serving, the server is not responding

The Globe and Mail is reporting that an online news service that provides daily news coverage to users of the New York Times has experienced a problem that is being investigated by the company.

The service, NewsPress, reported problems with the way its servers were configured, which the company says may have led to a “system outage.”

According to the company, Newspress reports that the problems began with a bug in its backend server, which could allow a malicious attacker to bypass authentication checks and load malicious content.

“We are working to address the issue to make sure we can keep our services up and running in the future,” the company said in a statement.

“However, it’s very important to be aware that if your news site has been experiencing problems, it is highly likely that the issue is related to a bug with the backend server.”

NewsPress reported the issue after a bug was reported to the Times’ security team, which confirmed the issue on Monday.

According to NewsPress’ report, News Press reports that there were no other reported problems from NewsPress with its servers and that it was working with Times Digital to “address this issue as quickly as possible.”

Newspress has been a frequent target of hackers, including the “hacktivist” group Anonymous.

The company has said it is working to fix its problems.

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