When a woman is pregnant, her doctor might give her more help than you think

CNN health editor Stephanie Wang explains why a lot of pregnant women have the same symptoms of pregnancy: They can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.CNN Health Editor Stephanie Wang said that in many cases, a woman’s doctor may tell her that her condition doesn’t warrant a follow-up visit.

That’s when the doctor will tell her to try again.CNN health editor Claudia Rees explained why some women might need to try and make up for lost time.

Read MoreCNN health Editor Claudia Reans explains why some pregnant women may need to make up some of the lost time when it comes to their care.

For example, some pregnant people may be able to take part in physical therapy, or get an ultrasound, or even get an MRI.

Rees said that if the pregnancy was not a pre-existing condition, there was no need to consult with a medical professional.

But if the woman was a carrier of a genetic disease, the doctor may suggest that she get an x-ray.

In the same vein, if the doctor thinks a woman has a fever or an allergic reaction, the person might be asked to get a blood test.

If the doctor determines that there is a diagnosis of a medical condition, it may help the woman understand how she should proceed with her care, she said.CNN reporter Emily Greenbaum spoke to one pregnant woman who said that when she went to her doctor to discuss a pregnancy test, her doc said that she needed to go back and have an ultrasound of her uterus.

But that didn’t sound right to her, so she decided to take a pregnancy exam herself.

This is not a normal pregnancy.

If you have a fever, it means that your body is overheating, Greenbaum said.

So when you get a fever like that, it’s a sign that you have some sort of medical problem.

So the doctor might tell you to get an X-ray of your uterus, Greenbaumsaid.

I’m glad she’s got the ultrasound because she’s going to be able tell if there is anything wrong with it, she added.

I don’t want to have the doctor tell me what I can and can’t do.

She said that it’s really important that she have that information, because that is going to allow her to make the right decision about what to do.CNN host Gloria Borger asked Rees if it was fair to say that if a woman was having an allergic response, her physician would be giving her an X.

Rees said it’s very common for women to have allergies.

And she said it is important for them to be treated with an allergy medicine.

However, it is very rare for a woman to need an allergy shot, Rees added.

In other cases, the symptoms of a common cold may be more complicated to diagnose.

For example, if someone has had a cold in the past, she may have a cold symptoms and a cold.

If that happens, the allergist might want to try to identify what caused the cold, Reasaid.

So, for example, in a case where a woman had a rash and was having a cold, and her allergist could identify the underlying reason for that rash, that might not be enough to diagnose a cold outbreak.

In addition, there is an important difference between the symptoms associated with a common influenza and the symptoms that are common to a pandemic.

For instance, if a patient who has had an influenza episode for the past week had a fever and a sore throat, the influenza might not look the same.

If you think your symptoms may be related to an influenza, the pandemic vaccine will give you protection from the flu.

However,, Rees noted.

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