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When a user’s website is displaying an error page, the browser should return an error message that includes a link to help them fix their problem.

The 404 page is often a simple 404 page.

If the error page contains more than one page, this will help users identify which page is the most likely one that was caused by a server error or the user’s poor browser settings.

But the 404 page can be a problem for developers as well.

Here’s how to fix your page that was 404.

  • You can use a 404 redirect instead of a 404 page to fix this.

    The redirect tells the browser to redirect users to the page they need to see to fix the problem.

    This works fine for many problems, but it may not work for some pages.

    You can also use a redirect to fix a 404 error page.

  • Close the browser window.

  • 404 Error

You can’t go back to your old 404 page after you fix it.

Here are some alternatives:

Help for 404 Errors


404 errors

For a general guide on how to report errors on your site, see our guide on reporting errors.

If you’re not sure which 404 page will help, use the following guidelines to help make sure your page is working correctly:

Use the Submit a Help for 404 Error link to get the page you need.Redirect the page to a 404 Error page.

You’ll be redirected to the site you’re trying to fix.

Submit a help for 404 error.> If you are using the

template in your content, the link should redirect you to the 404 error section.

404 Page


For more information about 404 errors, see 404 Error..

If you see an error code 404 in your browser, the 404 Error is the site’s default error message.

If this is the first 404 error you see, the error message is typically 404 Not FOUND and not 404 Forbidden.

The 404 Warning
section will tell you the reason your page has been blocked.

404 Error

The error code is incorrect or the page has not been visited.

) The Link to the Error section. will redirect the user to the error section of your page.

In the


section, you’ll see a code.

This is the error code the browser returned when it found the error.


404 Warning Error” section tells you what the browser has seen on your page, along with what you can do to fix it.

You can find out how to update your 404 error pages using the help page in your application.

Here is an example of a page that shows a

<p href="//www.

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