The 404 Not Found bug can be used to spy on websites and install malware

The bug has been dubbed the “404 Not-Found bug”, but the hacker behind it is actually a UK security researcher called Matthew Green.

The bug was first spotted by security researchers at Google in March 2017, and Google was soon inundated with reports of the bug.

The bug has a number of possible uses, such as eavesdropping on network traffic, gaining access to a website’s data or stealing personal information.

In this case, the hacker would not be able to see a user’s login information or browsing history.

The hacker could also use it to inject code into a web page that could trigger the site to crash or otherwise slow down, or spy on the website.

It’s unclear what impact the bug would have on the majority of websites that are still vulnerable, though it’s possible to compromise the vulnerable sites with exploits that are not yet widely known.

The bug, first reported in February, is only the second known exploit for the 404 Not-Filed bug in the last decade.

A similar bug was discovered by security researcher Adam Langley in February 2016, and in the months since, other researchers have also been finding similar bugs.

Security researchers have been reporting the bug since the beginning of 2017, but it’s unclear whether any of the security holes that have been found have been exploited in any meaningful way.

If so, the bug could help hackers break into popular websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A number of popular websites have already been compromised by hackers, including the Twitter and YouTube accounts of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, as well as the PayPal accounts of the CEOs of the World Trade Center and the Federal Reserve.

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