What does “404 Not found” mean?

President Donald Trump has issued a statement on his administration’s decision to remove a “404” error from its official website after a user posted a video that showed the page redirecting users to a 404 error page.

In the video, which has since been removed, an unnamed man who appeared to be a senior administrator of the Trump administration told the user, “Sorry, but we’re getting some problems here.

You’re not getting the page.”

A user then posted a screenshot of the page to Twitter, which the administration has now removed from the site.

A video of the screengrab has since gone viral, sparking outrage from people across the political spectrum.

A “404 not found” error page on the @POTUS administration website is now gone.

pic.twitter.com/KvQ5Lq6Z7V — Matthew Boyle (@MatthewBoyleWP) December 12, 2017The Trump administration’s response to the video has sparked a massive backlash from users across the nation, with many taking to Twitter to express their dismay at the administration’s actions.

A screenshot of an error page is still showing up on the White House’s official Twitter page, however, as the error has since since been corrected.

However, the official White House website still shows a “Not Found” error message, despite the fact that it has since appeared to have been corrected to “404.”

The original error page was a direct response to users who posted videos showing the error page redirects users to the 404 error pages, as seen in a video uploaded by @pandoreporter on Friday.

The video showed a number of people attempting to access the 404 page, but the page redirected users to another page.

On Sunday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted, “Thank you for your input and feedback, we’re looking into it!”

The White House official Twitter account, @PODNews, has also been trending with users expressing outrage.

A number of users also wrote to the Trump’s official account to ask the administration to take action against the video.

The administration has not yet responded to those requests, but a White House spokesperson told The Washington Post that the “404 error” page had been removed from its website.

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