How to report a 404 Not Found error in the web page

The error message says “The page you requested does not exist”, but that’s actually not the case.

You may have tried to navigate to a page on the CBC News website or to an external page.

The 404 error can happen in a number of ways, including: The page you’re trying to visit contains a 404 error You tried to log in using the CBC username and password that was provided in the request, but that login failed You clicked a link that led to a different page, such as a website with the same URL, and clicked a shortcut to the page, but your browser didn’t recognize the link or didn’t respond to a request for it If you see this error message on a page that you visit often, you might want to look at the following tips: The 404 message could be from a server or a web browser.

When you visit a website that’s hosting an error, the server may send a request to the browser to try to resolve the problem.

If the server doesn’t respond, your browser might send a 404 request to that server to see if it can resolve the error.

If that server returns an error code that’s the same as the error message that you saw on the website, it might be a server error or it could be a web page issue.

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