Why is NGINX using this technique?

The technique was invented by a developer named Jamey Kammerfeld who wanted to help alleviate the problems experienced by his customers in accessing his servers.

The company claims it has found a way to improve the performance of NGINx’s load balancers, which are used to handle traffic from users to the servers.

According to Jameys, the NGIN, or NGINAX, load balancer’s performance is significantly improved by using the technique.

“The NGIN is much more resilient than the traditional load balancing solutions,” Jameyy wrote.

“In this way, the load balacers are able to keep their servers from getting overloaded.”

The company said it had not yet tested its load balance solutions on customers, but that it would be happy to do so if customers would like to try them out.

It is not the first time the NGIX load balancier has been seen to improve performance.

A number of other load balances have been found to work well with NGIN.

The most popular is the Nginx-based LAMP stack, which is based on Apache’s LAMP.

The NGIX-based load balace also uses Apache’s PIMP (Puppet Image Management Protocol) to manage traffic, which could benefit the company in the long run.

NGINix said it would also look into how it could use PIMPs for other applications, including applications such as MySQL.

The technique may not be the only one used by NGIX to improve its load balancing.

Other companies have started using it, too.

The OpenSSL team in the United States has been using it for some time.

The team recently started using NGIN for its SSL stack, and has started using the same technique to increase its performance.

NGIX has not yet released a product that supports NGIN as of this writing, but the company has said it will soon be releasing a plugin that will do just that.

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