Why I’m not voting for Donald Trump

I’m a Republican.

I’ve been a Republican for years, and I’ve always voted for Republicans.

But I’ve never voted for Trump.

In fact, I voted for Bernie Sanders for president, which is why I think Trump’s policies are so awful.

There are plenty of good things about Trump that I love, and there are plenty that I don’t.

But I don of course think that Donald Trump is a good president.

Trump is a racist, a misogynist, and a bigot.

He’s a misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic, and he’s a xenophobic.

So yes, I think he’s dangerous.

I think that he’s incompetent.

But so is every other politician who ever ran for office, including the current president.

Trump is the worst president ever.

Read moreWhat’s more, if he’s the worst of the worst, he’s not going to change.

He can’t.

Trump doesn’t care.

He doesn’t think the American people care.

And if they care, he will continue to get them to vote for him.

So, while I’m inclined to vote against Trump, I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton either.

That’s because I don, too.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president.

She has won more than 50 percent of the popular vote.

She is the most experienced, experienced, and competent candidate to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan.

She’s been president for four years, serving as the first female president, the first woman to lead the Senate, and the first first black president.

So she’s done it all.

But Trump, who has never held elected office, has done nothing.

He hasn’t done anything that would disqualify him from being the next president of the United States.

And even if he were to be disqualified, I don.

Even if I were to vote Clinton, I’m still going to support Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has done an amazing job in Vermont.

I’ve met him a few times, and they’re great people.

I don “like” him personally, but he has been an effective leader for my state.

He has fought for working people, for people of color, and for immigrants.

And he has the most progressive record of any major party candidate.

And he’s going to continue to fight for that.

So Bernie Sanders is going to be my Democratic nominee.

Why I’m voting for Hillary Hillary Clinton has been the most important issue of the 2016 election, and it is the biggest reason why I’m choosing to vote Bernie Sanders instead.

Sanders is the best candidate to help rebuild our economy, to stop the opioid epidemic, and to fight against climate change.

His plan to invest in education and training for young people has been proven to improve the lives of millions of American workers.

His plan to break down the barriers that hold millions of Americans back from a better future has been backed by more than half of the American public.

And his plan to bring millions of families together to help each other in times of economic hardship has been praised by the presidents of Vermont and California.

My support for Bernie is based on the simple fact that I believe that he is the only candidate for president who can put the needs of working families first.

Sanders has a record of doing just that.

Hillary Clinton is running on the failed Clinton economic policies.

She wants to increase the number of people who can’t find work and the burden on those who do find work, and she wants to further entrench Wall Street and the billionaires at the top of our country.

She promises to increase corporate tax rates to 35 percent, expand the federal deficit, and make it easier for wealthy investors to buy our government.

While Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State was a disaster, she’s also an exceptional leader.

She led the United Nations in a historic peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and helped negotiate the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive free trade agreement that Clinton has repeatedly described as a trade deal for China and other countries.

She was the first secretary of state to visit Cuba.

And she’s the only secretary of State in modern history to visit the U.S.-Mexican border, which has been shut down by Trump and his administration for almost a year.

Her record in fighting for human rights, fighting to ensure that LGBT people are treated equally under the law, and standing up for the LGBT community is a testament to her character.

So why is it that her record is being used to try to convince people to vote in her favor?

Bernie Sanders has put forward an extraordinary platform and has shown that he understands that the American economy is going through a difficult time, and that we need to invest more in our country to create jobs, raise wages, and create a better quality of life for all of our citizens.

And in that context, he is going down in history as a leader.

He is the right choice to lead

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