Nagios – A guide to the world’s most popular Web server

The first version of Nagios was developed by Microsoft and was initially launched in 1993 as the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web server.Nagios 1.0.2, released in 2005, introduced a few major features.It introduced a unified login system, support for multiple domains, a better browsing experience and a much faster boot process.The company also improved its website […]

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Why I’m not voting for Donald Trump

I’m a Republican.I’ve been a Republican for years, and I’ve always voted for Republicans.But I’ve never voted for Trump.In fact, I voted for Bernie Sanders for president, which is why I think Trump’s policies are so awful.There are plenty of good things about Trump that I love, and there are plenty that I don’t.But I […]

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What is a 404 Not Found error?

6:34:08In the event that you have encountered a 404 not found error in your site, it can indicate that you should consider revising your content or content that has been edited.This may include removing a duplicate item or adding a new content that was previously not present in your original article.If this happens, we recommend […]

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Which server is best for your database?

The top server is the one that handles all your database queries.In our example, we are going to use PostgreSQL.If you don’t know what that is, it’s an open source database that you can download for free.It’s designed to be a lightweight database server with no plugins.The biggest difference is that PostgreSQL’s version of MySQL […]

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