Why is NGINX using this technique?

The technique was invented by a developer named Jamey Kammerfeld who wanted to help alleviate the problems experienced by his customers in accessing his servers.The company claims it has found a way to improve the performance of NGINx’s load balancers, which are used to handle traffic from users to the servers.According to Jameys, the NGIN, […]

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What does “404 Not found” mean?

President Donald Trump has issued a statement on his administration’s decision to remove a “404” error from its official website after a user posted a video that showed the page redirecting users to a 404 error page.In the video, which has since been removed, an unnamed man who appeared to be a senior administrator of […]

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How to use Nginx to manage the Internet

The next time you want to host a blog on your home server, you might want to consider installing the free and open source web server NGINX to handle the load.Nginx is a popular open source server that was developed by the Free Software Foundation in 2003.The server is currently being used by hundreds of […]

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