The best HTTP 404s you’ll ever see

Hacker News author Matthew Miller (@mdmiller) September 25, 2018 source Hacker Update title 404 Not Found article Hacker Update author Matthew MacMiller (mdm) (@mdl) September 26, 2018 This is the first in a series of articles on some of the best 404s.I’m happy to report that I’ve compiled a list of the top 404s that […]

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A former congressional aide who ran a popular conservative news site is under investigation by the House and the Justice Department for what his former boss called a campaign to harass conservatives, with allegations of a campaign of “vitriolic, hostile, and abusive” comments directed at them.Former Rep. Steve Stivers is being investigated by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee for “malicious and abusive language, actions and conduct” on the site, Politico reported.November 20, 2017: House Ethics Committee Releases Full Report on the Impeachment Trial of Former Congressman Steve Stiver

The committee said that Stivers used a congressional email account to send the emails, which were posted on the House site. (In this screenshot, Stivers’ congressional email address appears to be underlined in red.)The House Ethics and Government Reform Committee released a copy of the full report on Tuesday, saying it was released “to show […]

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When the world’s largest search engine crashed, India is still reeling from the aftermath

The search engine that India’s most popular search engine is still struggling with was the first of its kind to hit the country.The new search engine, Baidu, was launched by Baidus parent company Google in the US, but was quickly pushed back to India.It was not the only one.Google’s search platform was also the first […]

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